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Vivienne Westwood Still Has It

Clothing is yet another implicit link between like-minded artists whose lives are not fulfilled until the barrier is broken. At the head of the trend is Vivienne Westwood, an embodiment of punk as it speaks through thread, button, colour, and style — with enough creative individuality to define an entire era.


Vivienne Westwood is my favourite of British fashion designers, and her arrival on the scene was uncannily-timed to juxtapose with a revolution in music, art, and thought as natural as the history it belongs to. Over time, her style has evolved gracefully while always paying tribute to its punk roots and that carefree, surreal charm. I absolutely adore her unusual prints and mix-and-match coats and shoes that are each and every one perfect for each other. There’s simply no such thing as a miss-match with Vivienne Westwood, whose collections are always a priceless expression of ‘who gives a f**k’.