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I Got the UBeesize

(Above Image: this is as much duck lip as I am willing to muster for the one-time-only purpose of this demo selfie. Enjoy!!!)


Anyone familiar with the inner-workings of Instagram may have heard of the UBeesize tripod light ring for selfies. I felt a little off with the idea of taking a selfie when my marketing agent suggested that I bring forth the face behind the brand, as I’ve never been the type to take obnoxiously-close-up photos of my mug.


But we are in the age of information sharing after all, and hiding behind your work simply won’t cut it anymore. I was honestly hoping for a pass what with having a 3-year-old and working day and night, but since this no longer qualifies as a reclusive lifestyle, I decided to exploit technology to its fullest. My solution-mode thinking prompted a late night purchase and experiment before bed without makeup, which encouraged a second round of testing with makeup in full. The results made me full of envy! (Disclaimer: If you see me in real life, I may not look this great.)