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When you try to imagine the perfect espresso bar, what do you have in mind?   Good coffee goes without saying, and a delicate-yet-possessive aroma is a must. But people also value distinct little features that win them over from the lighting and amiability to the decorations and—of course—not having to wait.   Bud’s Coffee in Toronto has been my go-to cafe for a while. Because I do much of my creative work from the garret of my house, having a place to go and escape the occasional bout of isolation while also feeling inspired is a stroke of luck every time. Bud’s is a low-key and cosy home away from home for anybody that needs a reason to get dressed in the morning. Maybe I’ll see you there!

Over the years, I’ve learned that the only way to eat healthy and still have time for anything else is by juicing. When you think about it, juicing is the ultimate solution to modern time management problems— allowing us to drink our food when simply eating it takes far too long.   But really, juicing opens up a world of healthful possibilities. And the Angel Juicer is an all-in-one laboratory and accomplice to your madness, by which innocent fruits and vegetables are smashed, mashed, and brutalised only to be consumed for their life-force day after day. Its features include cold-press juicing with up to 72 hours of freshness when refrigerated along with flawless manufacturing durability. The only drawback is the price tag, but if you’re a true juicing enthusiast, you’ll know the investment more than pays for itself. My son (pictured below) will chug a concoction of kale, cucumber, carrot, apple and lemon any time of day but will absolutely refuse to eat them as solids. I believe this speaks for itself.

When you enjoy ketchup as much as I do, you’re always on the prowl for a new brand that captures its sweet, sour, and tangy flavour without those additives that take advantage of our unwitting taste buds. Years of searching for a replacement have sent me crawling back to Heinz, with its high-fructose corn syrup, MSG and other “natural flavourings” calling me back to the dark side.   But after discovering Good Food for Good Ketchup, I may have found a glimmering ray of hope in the world of love apple sauce. Naturally-sweetened with dates and only 1 gram of sugar, this organic ketchup actually tastes like ketchup and doesn’t make you feel guilty about buying several bottles at a time. And handmade with all-natural ingredients right here in Toronto, this brand is a homegrown opportunity to stand up to old Big Ketchup, once-and-for-all!

Mexican food is a one-of-a-kind dining experience best shared with friends and family in a cultural ambience, which El Catrin Destileria in Toronto does so well through its impressive mural decorations and smart, cosy atmosphere. You’ll find all of your Mexican favourites here along with some modern staples and cuisine creations. Mexican food is easily one of the most exciting and flavorful foods in the world thanks to its effortless adoption of new ingredients and recipes throughout history — with the latest versions of its time-honoured dishes undoubtedly the most delicious ever. I’ve always found it funny how looking away from the stone-mortar guacamole-making is hard no matter who you are, which is just one of the many features of its personable service topped off by excellent ingredients and food.