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Sticker Bomb

This sticker book is a collection of iconic illustrations from the street art movement brought to you by graffiti artists from around the world. I came about this hidden gem when doing intensive research for alternatives to all the poorly-drawn and silly baby stickers placed in the most random places around my house. Like most toddlers, my son is a big fan of stickers and loves to tag everything in our house from appliances and furniture to walls, and of course, my face.


Being an artist myself, I figured if he wants to tag stickers let’s make it official and give it some visual appeal. Sticker Bomb is a journey through the creative arts and craft of mix media art and even inspired my son to make some unique artwork of his own. In the meantime, I’ve stolen a few stickers out of his book until I get my own copy. For interested parents, you may want to do a quick browse through the sticker book before handing it off to your kids as you might end up with some PG-13-inspired artwork on your living room wall.