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Clothing is yet another implicit link between like-minded artists whose lives are not fulfilled until the barrier is broken. At the head of the trend is Vivienne Westwood, an embodiment of punk as it speaks through thread, button, colour, and style — with enough creative individuality to define an entire era.   Vivienne Westwood is my favourite of British fashion designers, and her arrival on the scene was uncannily-timed to juxtapose with a revolution in music, art, and thought as natural as the history it belongs to. Over time, her style has evolved gracefully while always paying tribute to its punk roots and that carefree, surreal charm. I absolutely adore her unusual prints and mix-and-match coats and shoes that are each and every one perfect for each other. There’s simply no such thing as a miss-match with Vivienne Westwood, whose collections are always a priceless expression of ‘who gives a f**k’.

From classic and natural to alternative, night club, glamour, and more, MAC has it in spades. Its motto “All Ages, All Races, All Gender” has an inclusive tone and appeal so fitting for our times, while its huge line of products proves that MAC isn’t all talk. On top of being a high-quality company, MAC gives a humanitarian touch to your purchasing power with fund-raising initiatives for HIV treatment around the world.   They’re just so good at catering to everyone that I always end up buying more than I need when visiting their store, where I find myself hopping from one display to another and trying on as many products as I have time for — which have yet to irritate my overly-sensitive skin. To try it is to adopt it

People already know when I arrive on the scene thanks to my perfume — it’s Hypnotic Poison from Dior and it has a sweet but sensual accent that is easy to wear and always wins a compliment. Among my array of perfumes, I wear this one the most and find myself reaching for it instinctively whether I’m going on business, to do groceries or to the gym — because why shouldn’t I wear perfume for anyone but myself?   And if you’re the type whose perfume is part of your personality but you’ve grown tired of yourself halfway through the bottle, try Hypnotic Poison and see if this scent can respect your sense of smell as much as your outward air. I’ve always found that what truly makes perfume valuable is its freshness and longevity, and Hypnotic Poison is yet to disappoint and ever feel worn out — and I wear it a lot!

I admit that I was never the type of mom to adorn her kid in little puppy and baby prints that make others giddy with delight, and instead sought my baby’s comfort—with a gentle touch of style—as my guide for baby apparel. This led me to mini mioche, a one-stop-shop for newborns to 12-year-olds, with a full line of clothing and other kid essentials. I love their minimalistic, no-print no-logo style that totally captures the essence of a well-dressed baby. All of their clothes are made right here in Canada from organic and sustainable cotton that is as gentle on your baby’s skin as it is on the environment, and the company’s ethos on low-impact and ethically-made products speaks volumes through simple and cosy designs that are perfect for kids of all ages.