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Drafting design

Better understanding of the #ImpossiblyInnovativeDesign

Design is an expression of the immaterial made tangible, be it of simplicity, sophistication, mystique or persuasion. With Ivy Gun Inc., custom design meets technology meets imagination — with impossibilities made physical and the art of creation taking mesmerizing new shapes and turns. From conception to application of custom furniture, mechanical design, architectural additions and home accents that have no parallel, Ivy Lilou Gunn is a multidisciplinary designer that is at one with the materials, colours and styles that give objects and places a distinct identity. We work with people and companies whose objective is our opportunity to expand the scope of design and give both things and locations a quality quite unlike anything else.


The impossible begins with…

It all starts with veteran designers who are intimately-familiar with the cause and effect of ideas, materials, planning, and development of concepts arising from both need and whim. Ivy is an impossible designer who takes pleasure in scrutinizing obstacles and envisioning solutions, creating substance out of thin air or filling a nagging hollow with something that always belongs. Her experience in a wide-range of industries places clients in great company whether they are of a private interest or a business seeking a fresh perspective on challenges as they relate to mechanical, structural and industrial design work. This is where Impossibly Innovative Design finds its home.

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What We Do

Drafting design

3D drawing conception to technical drawing

From prototyping to creation, we bring enough drafting flexibility to satisfy the abstract artist within the fickle scatterbrain. This stage involves building the framework of your project, encapsulating your ideas and aligning them with worldly budgets, project guidelines, scheduling and deadlines that reflect reality and make the imagination possible. We also have access to a network of reputable subcontractors ready to assist your company with materials and fabrication, installation, operation and other project requirements that sees a design in its place at your home, business or a purposeful setting where it can do any number of things or nothing at all.


Create images to match your ideas

Sometimes, simply being able to visualize a concept gives clarity to its purpose. With rendering services, you can remove the imaginative shroud from your ideas and explore their features as if they already exist, whether it’s a piece of high-end furniture or something yet to be named or described. We produce prototypes and design models using cad drawing and rendering services inspired by an artist’s touch, visualizing your ideas in all of their shapes, sizes, functions and environments where they can be modified and redefined to a perfect form. Rendering is an ideal stage for developing concepts as well as marketing products and designs to resonating impact.

Story of the Machine:


Machines would have been science-fiction were science a thing before their time. Today, our world is the living embodiment of the impossible, with sense-defying machinery just the everyday norm. Capturing the essence of the machine has no limitations with Ivy, who offers design work from prototyping and modifications to pneumatic, hydraulic, engine integration and unconventional mechanical features.

of Reality:


While we’re not exactly an architectural firm, we’d like to think that we can do things they cannot. This includes impossible designs that send your imagination to new heights and can be applied to home and office accents such as staircases, pivoting walls, range hoods, awnings, and other structural features that give your architect a brisk idea of your inner character.

Expansion of Your Comfort Zone:

Home Accent

From custom designs to movables made from wood and steel, home accents are the very things that make home a place where you can feel important and in charge. Projecting your ideas and stimulating your imagination is our specialty, and we even have a collection of impossibilities that can be modified with simplicity and complexity alike.